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The intention of this page is to provide Free / Open Source files for piping engineers
It consists of tools, standard reports and user developed functions (UDF), which are included in each application.
Versions for Excel (*.xls) are for the 2003 version. Few files are *.xlsm

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General Description

The spread sheets presented here, include all functions required in each case. To produce an add-in from a function, save the function as a complement (case of Excel). Examples of functions that read information from a sheet are the “Pipe dimensions functions” and the “Air and water properties functions” It has to be considered, that it is not convenient that the same function is available twice. That could happen, for example, if two books are opened and both contain the same function. Also it could happen that a book has a certain function and at the same time this function has been installed and is available as an add-in function. In this case, the add-in function should be disabled.

See Recommended good practice, at the end of the page.

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Air pipesAir pipesEnglish
Excel L.O.Excel L.O.
Hydraulic pipesHydraulic channels
Hydraulic channelsHydraulic pipes
Heat transferProperties
Ideal gasPsychrometry
Mass transferSteam



Some Examples of Piping Tools Applications

– Air and saturated water properties as a function of temperature [ºC]

xls file with the use of air and saturated water functions


– Water properties (Vapor and liquid)

A series of thermodynamic functions, from Lennart Delin and Johan Nygaard
Senior Consultants, ÅF-Process
Visiting address: Fleminggatan 7 | Delivery: Box 8309, SE-104 20 Stockholm
Direct: +46 (0)10 505 12 78 | Fax: +46 (0)10 505 27 57 | Mobile: +46 (0)70 342 12 78
e-mail: lennart.delin@afconsult.com | https://www.afconsult.com

Mollier diagram file
Address to download Steamdat
information file for Steamdat


– Circular channels

Open channels with circular section

xls file for the flow of water in circular channels
xls file for the flow of slurry in circular channels
xls file for flow in circular, semicircular channels and rectangular channels.

– Slurries

Slurry properties
xls file for the calculation of slurry properties.


– Settling velocity and drag coefficient

Spherical particles settling velocity and drag coefficient
xls file for the calculation of settling velocity
Spherical particle drag coefficient
Application to a “sand trap”


– Pipe dimension and friction factor

Exterior and interior diameters, and thickness of different pipe materials. Determination of the friction factor
Pipe dimensions and friction factor functions
Moody diagram


– Radiation view factors

Radiation view factors for parallel oposite and perpendicular rectangles with a common adge,
as a function of its geometric parameters.

Applications of radiation view factors
Application to the radiation interchange among the walls of a furnace
Download of J.R. Howell view factors catalog




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The files are free of any virus. As general good practice, it is recommended to check any type of file to be free of virus before using them. The presented files contain Excel functions and it is known that Excel has some problems in recognizing clean files. For this reason it is recommended that, once a file has been checked for viruses and has been recognized as a clean file, to put it in a directory declared as a trusted directory. To declare a directory or a file as a safe document, use the Excel trust Center. This providence will avoid that under given circumstances Excel will erase the Visual Basic code.

– Disclaimer

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